quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

Escrito em tantas superfícies


There was a time when you were proud
You looked up to me with big eyes
And I could do no wrong
There's something inside
That's clearly tearing both of us apart
Oh, there's something inside

I wonder where you are tonight
And what you did with your day
Can't find the words to say
Did you feel the sun?
Did you feel the warmness of my heart
Oh, did you feel at all?

I'm hopelessly aware
Of the good and the bad traits we share
It's like looking at myself
And I know that at times
I could've handled things differently
Oh, but know my intentions were well

They say if you love someone you gotta let them go
And if they return to you that's surely how you'll know

Oh, I can read the writing on the wall
Oh, but I can't let go