domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2008

mais um canal, menos um indivíduo.

500 channels - choking victim

500 channels of a day-dream stimulation
helps me to resent my life and raise my expectations.
Locked into re-runs, your memories repeating,
and all your ideals seem so self defeating.
For you and yours, the pepsi generation,
and when you're discontent, you change the T.V. station,
And when you hate your life, no qualtities redeeming,
a million brainwashed zombies will always be heard screaming...

And when there is no hope,
"I'll smoke some crack, I'll shoot some dope!"
When theres no enemies,
"I sit and stare at my T.V.
and in my ignorance,
I'll be a slave and sycophant!"